Sunday, March 3, 2013

Art college grad to launch

Art institution grad to launch

Was always severe the arts, These Vitale. Her Bridgeton High School art teacher set her up with a Moore reps before graduating high school in 2007.

While away at university or faculty, She achieved her senior year project, Which vital a five-Piece wardrobe line pre-loaded with a particular customer in mind.

This would be where the category of her upstart online endeavor and customer base entwine.

With an online blog she kept during her senior year at college and National Woman Day, Brought to my attention every woman really does need to be celebrated. Vitale has it her mission to create clothing and coverings that every lady can wear and enjoy. Also the one making the entire production by hand.

Celebrate Lady products draws much impression from nature, Kelly felix Rae Roberts a Portland, Ore.-Based artist and has the bohemian urban kama'aina ( in mind.

His five-Piece senior project would include loom-Knit leg protectors and cowls, A regular earthen-Tone color strategy, Higher than average-Waisted skirts and tastefully patched brushed denims.

While in school, Vitale interned because Anthropolgie, A chain local store owned by Urban Outfitters, Corporation. Which sells women apparel and decor.

She was their color design intern for two months last summer at the actual Navy Ship what is abstract art Yard location in South Philadelphia. Her embellishment design was sold in stores and the ability gave her taste of the corporate life that she ended up enjoying.

Graduating, I always aspired to start and own a company and A Unique Weightloss, 6-pack Abs & Irresistible Beauty Program Combining Yoga, Meditation And Scientifically Planned Nutritious & Tasty Diets Created By Experts After Ten To Twelve Years Of Research. Elite Weight Loss & 6 Pack Abs Program Without Starving Or Suffering business. Online shop isn uploaded and functioning yet but she got products in mind and future goals, This kind of as jewelry, Knitted necklaces and at last custom apparel.

Some point I want to have a boutique mixed with artist collaboratives along with an antique shop, Supposed Vitale. Such a store would go with any downtown hub or fit right in among the urban audience she shooting for