Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bigger Bidder highest bidder is Not a Scam

Bigger Bidder market is Not a Scam

Bigger Bidder is the next big thing on penny auctions, Penny sites are getting more famous and famous because you can find good deals. The way penny auctions work is like this to the site or another seller posts an item online and the buyer bids on the auction who ever wins the auction wins the item. These auctions are penny auctions because everytime you bid the price goes up a penny. Bigger Bidder is a legit auction where clientele both win alot, Buyers can find really good deals while searching for an item, Sellers does make alot of profit when selling items they dont need or even new items,Sellers can provide services in bigger bidder. When you're thinkgin how can it be possible for buyers to get great prices and seller still make alot profit. You could discover great items here ipads,Apple i-phones,Flip cameras and you can sell anything your old phone your old ps2 anything and you'll get good money Bigger Bidder is a legit website not a scam.

Stay clear of this site I was unable to sleep last night and found an email from them in my what is abstract art box for 20 free bids. I went and joined and bought some bids to go and bid, Well right in the middle of the auction I had my autobidder set and had another dollar to go all of a sudden the auction ends with your partner winning. I am not new to PA so I understand how to bid and when something goes wrong.

So I email them 3 times and no reply after 3hrs. There was a phone # that said for billing only but I called it and the recording said that they are available Monday - Saturday 9AM till at any time eastern time so i call back at 9:15, 9:30, 9:45 no answer and still no reply to my emails even though the recording said if you have trouble with the site to email as there is someone there at all times. A lot of the true for pricier items like antiques, Bracelets and autos. Understand, It does exercise. cost, But it One Of The Hottest Strategies Ever To Build Your Buyers List Fast With Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube! 60% Commission With An Upsell! Email Customer Support! Get Started At: Real Estate Investors – Build A Massive Buyers List Using Social Media takes the hardship out of the transaction, And that is usually a small price to pay for satisfaction