Sunday, March 3, 2013

Art Supplies Make Painter a huge success

The Metro newspaper reported that British painter Shotton has sold more than five thousand unique prints, Which equates to a fortune well over three million pounds.

Thousands of the prints sold show cows that had been transferred into iconic paintings based on works of legendary artists such as Johannes Vermeer, Edvard chew and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Famous prints include a version of The raft of madusa titled called Moona Lisa, A remake of styles of art The Scream labelled The Moo and a take on the painting Girl considering the Pearl Earring renamed Cow over the New! From The Makers Of Singorama, Discover Professional Songwriting Secrets. High Commission And Great Conversions. Niche Market, Lots Of Searches, Low Competition. Superior Song Writing Pearl Earring.

Caroline Shotton, Who lives in the country outside of London, Said she was inspired to create her bovine works of art after watching a programme about the Mona Lisa.

She cited: "The product transpired when I was watching a documentary about the Mona Lisa and it made me smile just thinking what the painting would look like if replaced with one of my cows