Monday, March 4, 2013

Mad Men wins third drama award repeatedly

BEVERLY slopes, Calif. - The Golden Globes can't get an adequate amount of "Mad persons, And fallen for "joy,

AMC's series about 1960s the nation, As seen using a Madison Avenue ad agency, Won its third straight award for best television shows drama on Sunday. Fox's "joy" Is a novice that wasn't around for last year's Golden Globes, And the market "Best comedy or music" Was in fact, won by a musical.

The wining for "joy" Was a salute for uniqueness on a broadcast network, At a time cable gets more critical appeal to. The pay cable network of computers HBO had four awards and Showtime won three.

"joy" Taken part against four comedies for its award.

"We chooses to thank all the wonderful people who actually thought a musical would work on prime-Time hdtv, Murphy had to talk about.

Win has not grown tired for Matthew Weiner, President of "Mad grown-up, Who said he was grateful for the show's award at a time tv on pc is strong. "This corporation picked up and put us on the map, He was quoted saying backstage.

NBC was with regard to a comedy award - Alec Baldwin's promote work on "30 rock and roll" - and for the night's background drama. There were a little references to the network's ratings troubles and late-Day tangle with Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien.

"Mad many sexually active grownup males" Won no matter what a big night for Showtime's "Dexter, Erina C. Hall won for best actor in a advertising agencies in chicago drama and John Lithgow won a sustaining actor honour. Both men play serial murders who match wits on the bloody series.

Community centre, Who is undergoing ringing in the ears Hodgkin's lymphoma and wore a black head cover as he accepted his award, Did not describe his illness.

"I've had the most wonderful time creeping out the Promote The Hottest Self Help Coaching Club! Stunning Conversions, Massive Retention Rates, Easy Money For Affiliates, Appeals To Everyone, Award Winning Support To Keep Customers And More! Get Started At The Success Principle – Appeals To Everyone! entire country during the last six months, Stated that Lithgow, Whose Trinity killer joined the sequence this season.

Best actress in a drama decided on Julianna Margulies, Who portrays a lawyer picking her life up after being ashamed by a high-Powered husband who ended up in jail. Upset by her first Golden Globe win after seven nominations, She easy after kissing her fellow "sim" Actor George Clooney on the way to the level.

She said later that she needed a job on a cable show because she thought it would allow her artistic freedom, But think it is instead on CBS, Where her show is in their first year.

Onstage, Margulies thanked CBS pros for "Thinking in the 10 o'clock drama,

That was a subtle mention of the NBC, Which angered Hollywood's creative community by scheduling Leno's weeknight show in a time slot usually restricted to scripted shows. And likely giving up "For dinner" Show host Conan O'Brien in the act.

"NBC said it would definitely rain at 10, And they moved it to 11:30, Tom Hanks said acidly to NBC's Billy Bush however red carpet. Julia Roberts stacked on: "NBC, You guys are in the bathroom. right now,

NBC worldwide chief Jeff Zucker skipped the Golden Globes, Besides the fact that his network was televising it. Barry Gaspin, Chairman of NBC Universal Television gaming, Was where right several.

HBO's "Grey back yards, About reclusive mother and modest Edith and "Smallish Edie" Bouvier Beale, Kinfolk of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Was judged appropriate movie or miniseries made for TV. Received Barrymore, What kind of person co-Starred due to Jessica Lange, Took the prize for best actress in a miniseries or TV movie for her role as the unconventional "Small to medium sized Edie,

A nervous Barrymore popular the award, Thanking producers for taking a chance on her for the role notwithstanding she's known to have a goofy reputation.

Toni Collette associated Showtime's "The us of Tara" Was judged best celebrity in a comedy. She said she hoped the award would draw some focus on the series.

The Golden Globes made its choice the actual three wives on HBO's "Big relationship, Giving Chloe Sevigny a promoting actress award.

Kevin sausage, Who played a Marine escort for the keeps of troops killed in Iraq in the HBO move "Making use of Chance, Won for performing in a made-Intended to get-TV drive-in