Friday, February 22, 2013

Bath salt


May be a bit far out to consider but BOYCOTS and PICKETTING have worked many times. It is sad that people can't find better things in life to be happy. Something must be done, Of course according the the law as it is, That they're a legal business. I do believe the rumors about them selling those chemicals to children but how can we prove it? The authorities just can't go in there and raid the place without a reason. Maybe there is anyone working under cover? Is anyone taking photos of the people walking in that store? How old is he / she? Until there are laws against the stuff they can market (I think NY state did pass some laws against particular sorts of chemicals) I do not think there is anything we can do except take pictures and try to catch them doing something illegal. Cigarettes and tobacco products, Cyrstal flute (bongs, Using pipes), Body precious gems, l-Shirts are all LEGAL tools. If they are advertising those activities on the radio, They are within their right to do so and the radio station needs the right or obligation to turn them away. If it is caught selling something illegal, Certainly they loose their rights to be a legit business. Just my estimation anyway. If they did they would not be selling that stuff. Lets not ignore the other place next to the bank. They are accused of selling the same stuff out the back door. Sunday they were selling stuffed animals in the front of their store, You consider ba*ls! These people need to be stopped but that they are unable to be stopped by people spreading rumors. We want facts and we start to use laws. Meanwhile, Lets start capturing and e-Mailing them to the authorities, Newspaper publishers and radio station. Anyone go inside and see anything illegal going on? Call the authorities if you do. I think I will make a visit soon. Fred invented:

How can these stores even sell these items and not have a guilty conscience? Consider all the legal "bud" It is moving away from the store in Boonville like there is no tomorrow. It is sad that people can't find better things in life to be happy. I heard an ad that mentioned jewelry and t-Shirts with Cloud 9, Certainly nada about drugs. I think the ad also said rrt is best to be 18 years or older. You must be sure you know what you're talking about before you accuse a business of advertising drugs. I heard an ad that remarked jewelry and t-Shirts with Cloud 9, Absolutely about drugs. I think the ad also said it is essential to be 18 years or older. You need to ensure you know what you're talking about before you accuse a business of advertising drugs.

Stop trashing radio stations station> I'll tell you exactly so how it happened. They did slip bath salts in as well as incense to their first ad. When folks found what they were, The radio station pulled the ad aside. No advertiser refused in promoting. Are pool stands, Testosterone-T tops, Body jewelry in it? Cigarettes and tobacco products? Place blame where ever blame lays, With those who selling the stuff and the buying the stuff. Why are they not being arrested, If kids under 18 intend in there, Why aren't people calling the authorities? The school district held a meeting about the dangers of the stuff people these days attended the meeting about the dump bypass. It's this community wake up and find a way to stop the sale of products. Head shops identified for ever but this synthetic stuff is really bad. Today issued a Commissioner's Order to ban the sale and circulation of dangerous amphetamine-Type toxins marketed as, Are actually sold over-The actual-Counter and have caused hundreds of hospitalizations nationwide.

Because of mask their true purpose, A number of goods are marketed as, And are being offered online, In small supermarkets and other retail outlets. They produce exact effects to cocaine and amphetamines, This kind of hallucinations, fear, Delusions, Thoughts of suicide, And violent behavior not forgetting chest pains, Increased blood pressure level, And better heart rates.

The items are sold under names like White Lightening, Environments Leopard, Harmony, glide, Pale yellow Wave, Reddish colopurple Dove, Vanilla flavor Sky, As well as others.

Commissioner Shah these, "These chemicals marketed as bath salts are a growing and dangerous threat to men and women health, And this action to end the sale and distribution of these harmful substances is a critical step needed to stop the growth of these drugs here in New York State. These substances present a real and immediate threat to the protection of our young adults and the public at large,

The order takes effect immediately and is allowed under Public Health Law provisions that empower the State Health Commissioner to issue orders for summary action The Essential Forex Trading Video Tutorials Presented By Abe Cofnas, Professional Forex Trader & Trainer And The First Forex Trader Columnist For Futures Magazine. Provided Unique Approach & Methodology In Training Individuals With Success.Videos Tutorials In Forex Trading By Abe Cofnas varies where he believes people or entities are engaging in activities which constitute a danger to the health of the people and it would be prejudicial to delay action.

The Commissioner's Order will ban the sale and movement of these chemicals and products in New York State. Commissioner Shah is contacting county health commissioners within your state for their assistance in carrying out this order.

The compounds are sold in various forms that contain a number of synthetic chemicals including MDPV (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone ) And so mephedrone. Use of these drugs has concluded in hospitalizations and death, As well as violent reactions in these. Nationally, Calls to poison centers regarding use of bath salts through May of 2011 has increased more than 700 percent from the total of calls taken in all of last year.

The legislations to add the synthetic drugs to the list of controlled substance have been introduced in Congress by Senator Charles Schumer, Who has worked closely with the Department of Health to be able to options for New York to address the spread of bath salts. Marketing and sales experience, The Drug Enforcement maintenance (DEA) Has called addressing bath salts a priority. The Department of Health also has submitted a retail bill to limit the sale of these many chemicals to research purposes only