Thursday, February 21, 2013

Larcenylife's appointments

This can be the last entry I ever make.

Users (Anyone you are) Have pressed me into this. I still cannot write anything in this without it coming out and being gossiped about for months. I can longer go out without gossiped about for months.

You've spread a rumour about me to become "Lesbian" And from now on (Somewhat), It's gotten back to my dad's side of our kids. You've stolen my freedom of preference. past, I had the right to not tell them I was bisexual. Presently, That right happen to be stolen from me. I prefer keeping details about myself just that -- exclusive. It's not your home business. It my family's business.

You've also spread a rumour about me that i am a "Drug abuser, I hope that you decide not to spread this rumour world so that my family hears about THIS one as well.

Best of all, I'm angry because i did nothing. I assumed that no one knew me in school anymore. Everyone who did had just managed to graduate. I could be mysterious. That's all I wanted this year. Was to be anonymous and finish senior secondary school without Sd Specialist – The Surveillance Detection Manual, Is A Counter Terrorism Surveillance Detection Training Manual, Written By Dan Sommer. It Is The Best Sd Program Available To The Civilian Sector Anywhere. Sd Specialist – Surveillance Detection. anyone knowing me. I just dreamed of being invisible so I could avoid all the petty high school bullshit.

You attest me wrong. In my opionion way I can avoid hearing lies about myself. Did you often.

But now i wish for you to stop. Now I want you get on with your lives and find something/someone else to share with you. There's numerous fodder out there to lie about. My life is through being used as your petty celebration