Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Let's consider adsense ban doesn't make sense to Suzy

On my main cruise website I have added Adsense again while I exercise plan how to monetise it properly. At least once I have accidentally clicked a let's consider adsense Here’s How You Can Build Thousands Of Incoming Links To Any Website – Generate Stable, Long Term Top Search Engine Rankings For Multiple Keyword Terms – And Send An Endless Supply Of Free Organic Search Engine Traffic To Your Website 365 Days Of The Year. The Ultimate Link Building Dossier By Duncan Carver ad by mistake, I did not get any message from Google and their technology must have picked it up as I did not earn money from it.

So I find it sudden that this poor lady got a ban. Over time I be aware of many people getting bans or warnings, I wonder if they have some form of set up that deals with the percentage of clicks by the user than these by others. Warmed I get around 3000 clicks a month, If I click once it is a microscopic percentage of total clicks/revenue. While in the case stated above one click is a lot higher percentage thus signals possible fraud?

Whatever the case there must be some form of appeal,In fact Google do say as part of the help files "Although publishers are not permitted to click their own ads unconditionally, We do keep in mind accidental clicks may occur. We therefore do not require that you contact us training routine you click your ads. Rest assured that your account is being properly credited for all clicks and impressions we have to say is valid