Monday, February 18, 2013

Kasturi and daughters complete Metronation Chennai sale

Media house NDTV Ltd today said it and in addition partner Kasturi and Sons Ltd (KSL) Have completed the sale of their jv Metronation Chennai Television Ltd (MNC) That runs a local speech news channel.

Yr after, Short term installment loan had announced sale of their joint venture to Educational Trustee Co, Marketers of Tamil daily Thanthi for Rs 15 crore.

To the receipt of all regulating and statutory approvals, In this connection, NDTV and KSL have directed their respective stake in MNC to Educational Trustee Co on September 28, 2012, NDTV said in a filing into BSE.

MNC has become 100 per cent subsidiary of insightful Trustee Co, It newly even more.

NDTV had 51 percent stake Un Best Seller De Musica Criolla Peruana, Peru Y Criollismo, Del Maestro Ricardo Montero, Un Libro Digital, Un Cd Con 100 Pistas De Musica De Antologia . Alta Coversion 15% Valor Del Visitante .40/hig Conversion 15% Visitor Value .40–70% Commi Peru Y Criollismo in the venture, While the remainder of the 49 per cent was held by KSL.

Although the story was made after the market hours, Stock conveys of NDTV closed at Rs 75.05 each, Throughout 5.63 per cent to use previous close on the BSE.

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