Thursday, February 21, 2013

Larger number of trackers on one page cookie conflict

I'm writing a web application that's said to be embedded in other people's websites (Rather a widget). I'm using Google Analytics to track all the people that visit all cases of my script on the embedding websites. The damage is that I don't know how to use it so that it doesn't interfere with those websites' own Google Analytics accounts. I'm storing the tracker changeable in a namespace, So I believed that Easy To Promote! Step By Step Manual On How To Turn Your Greating Card Passion Into A Thriving Business. This Program Contains Strategies For Making Money From Card Making And All The Information You’ll Ever Need To Help You Make Money From Your Craft. Greeting Card Making For Profit should do it, But i've not realized that GA stores its settings in cookies (__utma, __utmz and so forth.), The ones cookies are used by both trackers, If there are two of them for a passing fancy page. So for example if I use _setVar to store some sort of user-Defined variable online Analytics, And the embedding site does similar, We overwrite one another's values.

Of course it would be easiest if Google provided a way to change the specific cookies to a custom one, But I aren't able to find any way to do it. I discussed using cookie domain or path to force a separate cookie, But it doesn't work, Because if I set domain or path to something rather than the real domain/path, The particular cookie is not readable for the page after reload.

Otherwise, If that's completely seemingly unworkable - is there any other analytics service with similar functionality as GA in which you could do? (It might need to have advanced features like event and campaign tracking.)