Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Let's put Earthlings first notion

At sizeable risk of sounding like Bob Geldof, I feed the globe before I looked for a new one. Why search for signs of life on Mars when we should be doing the same principle in the Horn of Africa and Canberra?

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The reply is we live in a free world -- but free worlds come at a price.

Let want to return a step. Medical professional Santos Franco, From the Scripps Research Institute in some states, Tells us to think the human brain as an onion.

The inner layers of our brain onion organize simple things such as breathing and movement. To be familiar with the limitations, Think funnel 10 The Shire.

Higher thinking is seated in the popular, Outer layers of the brain and is liable for abstract thinking, Planning for future years and solving problems.

Surely these are key skills whenever you are leading a country.

So much more me perversely happy to say that, Based on this brain onion find out, If we are to correctly plan for Australia future then we need politicians who are truly thick. The good thing is, They in no danger of extinquishing.

If parts of The Vegetarian Weight Loss Guide Is The World’s Best Approach To Permanently Losing Weight Through The Use Of The 5 Cornerstones Of Vegetarian Weight Loss And Over 126 Specially Formulated Weight Loss Recipes. The Vegetarian Weight Loss Guide our brain requires to be bigger to run a country, I see a time when political preselection calls for a brain scan, Not offers and canapes.

Since day dot we have judged our political leaders thoughts by what they say and then by their modus operandi.

We are usually unhappy.

The result of higher thinking would come with things such as the Mars mission, Scampering water, Sewerage things, Cars and trucks, Computing devices and Swiss army knives.

However I look at million-Dollar images of Mars and think it appears Syria. I an immense "Just what,

I wish that money had been spent addressing problems on Earth such as the living costs in cities. My inner hippy tells me what the planet needs now is less higher thinking.

Here some more lower thinking we really need. We should be recognising and following through on our task to the aged that built the country we are so busy overcrowding.

You should be utterly focused on keeping electricity prices at a level that doesn result in chest pain when the bill comes in.

We should be utterly focused on making Australian cities less costly. Cities was anxiously the refuge for rural populations who are increasingly unable to make a living.

Now our shorter cities (Think about southeast Queensland) Are proving to be refuges for the people from expensive bigger cities.

Has higher thinking such as the incredibly expensive Olympics helped us forget the raging tragedies in the ominous landscape?

Really, For a short time.

I realized that the coach of the Australian men hockey team, Ric Charlesworth, Is calling for more money to win more Olympic medals.

now. What a First World worry. Be in line, ron.

Multigrowing new video-Wise we had some reduced large-Scale disasters including bloodlust in Syria, The torturous famine in Africa and the human being cost of The Shire.

Let not forget that our quality lifestyle is sliding in cities because infrastructure isn coping and governments aren planning well enough for the future