Monday, February 18, 2013

Junk foods websites lure kids

Such health claims would be banned from tv on pc social media marketing companies6.

Jeanette Longfield, corp-Ordinator of campaign business Sustain, Is with a ban on junk food marketing to children.

She being spoken: "Websites targeted at children often use everyday materials insidious and manipulative marketing techniques such as dubious health claims and marketing techniques that tell a child they will be more popular or attractive if they buy sweets.

"This much marketing flies under the Everything You Need To Know Before Travelling Around Australia. Packed Into This Ebook Is Guidance On Where To Go, Choosing The Right Rig, Vehicle Preparation, Communication Equipment, Gps Navigation, Digital Mapping, Travelling With Kids, First Aid… How To Prepare For A Trip Around Australia radar of parental control and undermines efforts to teach children about good healthy food,

When compared to television adverts, Websites are cheap to produce. Once posted they can remain online for months without the repeat fees related to broadcast social media marketing companies6.

And children can log on everywhere in the world to receive information about global brands.

The survey was conducted in June/July 2005 supporting the campaign for a Children's Food Bill for legislation to improve children's food and to ban the marketing of unhealthy food to children